SmithDehn INDIA is the number one ranked legal outsourcing company in the world, according to a recent survey of over 6500 clients. Managed by the international law firm, SmithDehn LLP, which has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, London and Derry, our US, Canadian, and UK clients have included law firms, solo practitioners, major film and television studios, retail brands, publishing houses, and manufacturers.

We are a step beyond typical legal process outsourcing / LPO. When clients hire SmithDehn INDIA for offshore legal services, they are paying for top-quality, timely, cost-efficient and high-end legal and factual research, legal drafting, title searches and other support, provided by US and UK law-trained legal professionals. Although we do not practice law or provide legal advice, we are trained and supervised by Western attorneys who do, and they are among the most highly regarded in their fields. Learn more.